Femme Zeppelin

Mike Herle, Drums Mike Herle’s heavy hitting, enthusiastic style, dark looks, and attention to detail (he plays “ Four Sticks" with four sticks!) make him a naturally Bonhamesque drummer. He plunged headfirst into Led Zeppelin's music as a teenager, playing along to albums, and was soon playing some of their tunes in his early cover bands, but it has always been his dream to play in a band that was purely Zeppelin. Starting his band career early in life, his eclectic versatility has brought him to swing in jazz, and rock in dance bands, and even play in the Regina Symphony, including a performance with Harry Belafonte Since moving to Vancouver, he has played in many bands that suit his drive to give tribute to his early influences, a Rolling Stones tribute, Tongue, a Beatles tribute, the Daytrippers, and now, his first musical love, Led Zeppelin!
   Steve Tomiuk, Keys and Bass  Just like Led Zeppelin, Femme Zeppelin is lucky enough to have a keyboard player with amazing talent that also plays bass. Steve Tomiuk's multi-instrumental skills have made it possible for Femme Zeppelin to be a numerical accurate four-piece band, yet retain all the rich layers of sound and psychedelia that are necessary to cover some of Led Zeppelin’s most loved tunes. The intricacy of Led Zeppelin’s music, and playing both parts, fulfills and challenges him in a rocking way! New to the Vancouver music scene, he is recording an original CD with the Conscientious Objectors, and scored hits in two cover bands, Buddy Holic and Femme Zeppelin!  

Rachel Davis, Lead Singer 

   Robert Plant’s vocals are notoriously difficult to do well, but Rachel’s powerful voice and five octaves make it look easy. Her many years of performing on stages around the world as a musician, dancer, and vocalist show in her personal, and dynamic stage presence that comes across surprisingly reminiscent of Robert Plant’s easy, wavy, blonde sexuality. Her mesmerizing and infectious dancing is only one of the things that set Femme Zeppelin apart as a stage show and tribute band, and when the splits and high kicks fly against the backdrop of the hypnotic music the audience responds in kind with a packed dance floor.

   Rachel's brings all of her eclectic musical background, running the gamut from classical training, contemporary opera, country and rock and roll to a searing focus with every Femme Zeppelin performance.

  Playing both electric, and acoustic guitar, as well as harmonica, she also fronts her own originals band, Rachel Davis and the Banned. As a solo artist she has also created a Joni Mitchell Tribute act.

Femme Zeppelin 

     Femme Zeppelin captures the spirit and sounds of Led Zeppelin in a unique and passionate way….from the moment the music starts listeners are transported to places they've only heard about through the lyrics of Led Zeppelin... Misty Mountain, Kashmir...they all come alive with the artistry of this amazingly skilled band. Audiences are quickly  drawn in, and the floor fills with dancers.

     The members of Femme Zeppelin serve as ambassadors for the songs of Zeppelin, and they take joy in bringing these evocative tunes to new fans just discovering the magic of Zeppelin, and to longstanding Zeppelin fans for whom these iconic songs resonate in almost forgotten places of their memories. Both die-hard and new fans of Zeppelin are more than satisfied by the enthusiasm, skill and artistry that goes into a Femme Zeppelin performance.

     The feeling that this band loves what they play is conveyed, and that feeling is always returned by the audience.