Femme Zeppelin

Femme Zeppelin captures the spirit and sound of Led Zeppelin in a unique and passionate way….from the moment the music starts, listeners are transported to places they've only heard about from Led Zeppelin themselves; Misty Mountain, Kashmir... they all come alive with the artistry of this amazingly skilled band. Audiences are quickly drawn in, and the floor fills with dancers, irresistibly drawn by the enthusiasm shown on stage. 
​ The members of Femme Zeppelin serve as ambassadors to the songs of Zeppelin, and they take joy in bringing these evocative tunes to both new fans, and people who have woven the music of Zeppelin into their lives. Fans are more than satisfied by the enthusiasm and artistry that goes into a Femme Zeppelin performance. The feeling that this band loves what they play is conveyed, and the feeling is always returned by the audience. 

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Femme Zeppelin at the Fairview Pub May 13, 2016

Come party with us on Friday the 13th - We're on at Midnight!  $10 cover.